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Charge HP Stream 7 while using it with an OTG cable

After a quite frustrating experience with an HP Stream 7 tablet, which refused to get charged while having a USB stick connected to it via an OTG cable, I found an extremly easy solution:

Just disable the Microsoft AC Power Supply which can be found in the device manager under Batteries.

Voila – that’s it.

I have the German version only where it says Microsoft Ladegerät and can be found under Akkus.

Installing Debian Jessie on an APU1D4

To install Debian Jessie on an APU1D4, it is easiest to go for a network installation. You need
– a TFTP server
– a DHCP server
– the Debian file structure in the TFTP server’s root directory

For DHCP you will need something like the following configuration:

For the TFTP server you need something like the following configuration:

Then simply extract the debian installer files into /src/tftp . I have included my working configuration into netboot_serial_20150107.tar. Should you want to change its configuration, simply edit the file pxelinux.cfg/default file. Mine looks as follows and is preconfigured for serial console output:

Attach a serial console cable and fire it up!

Frontend for openssl to check key chains

Since checking SSL key chains with openssl is sometimes a bit tricky, I have written a little perl script as wrapper around it.

Just download, unzip it and run it as follows:

./ -p server port

-p (optional) prints out the certificates as well
server is the server to check
port (optional) is the port to connect to.

Here is the code:

Its output is as follows: