Installing a Vagrant BaseBox of CentOS

  • Install a minimal system of CentOS in VirtualBox
  • Activate networking on boot by enabling eth0 in
  • Add a vagrant user and assign the password vagrant to it
  • Give sudo rights to that user by adding vagrant ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL with visudo
  • Disable requirement of having a TTY by commenting out the following settings with visudo:
  • Add insecure Vagrant public key from to vagrant’s authorized_keys
  • Add development tools for building the guest addons with
    The repo options are useful if you want to install from local installation media (ISOs) instead of fetching all from the net.
  • Install guest addons with
  • halt the machine
  • Remove all hardware that is not necessary from the base machine or else it will be available on the machines set up with Vagrant later!
  • Package Box with


Should Vagrant be unable to connect to your boxes derived from that base box, you might have a problem with SELinux, see here how this can be fixed!