Installing Debian Jessie on an APU1D4

To install Debian Jessie on an APU1D4, it is easiest to go for a network installation. You need
– a TFTP server
– a DHCP server
– the Debian file structure in the TFTP server’s root directory

For DHCP you will need something like the following configuration:

For the TFTP server you need something like the following configuration:

Then simply extract the debian installer files into /src/tftp . I have included my working configuration into netboot_serial_20150107.tar. Should you want to change its configuration, simply edit the file pxelinux.cfg/default file. Mine looks as follows and is preconfigured for serial console output:

Attach a serial console cable and fire it up!

Frontend for openssl to check key chains

Since checking SSL key chains with openssl is sometimes a bit tricky, I have written a little perl script as wrapper around it.

Just download, unzip it and run it as follows:

./ -p server port

-p (optional) prints out the certificates as well
server is the server to check
port (optional) is the port to connect to.

Here is the code:

Its output is as follows: